Training Eurotox 2018

This page contains the training materials needed for the Effectopedia training session on the Sep 2nd  2018 part of  the Continuing Education Courses (CEC6) of Eurotox 2-5 Sep, Brussels, Belgium. The training session will be targeted at all AOP developers interested at developing quantitative AOPs. Three subjects will covered:

  1. Introduction and best practices in building AOPs
  2. Running Effectopedia for the first time
  3. Searching and exploring Effectopedia content
  4. Creating an AOP in Effectopedia
  5. Add quantitative information to a key event and derive key event relationship within an AOP
  6. Transforming test data (in-vitro to in-vivo)
  7. Using in-silco models (R or MATLAB)

For meeting room allocation and timetable please refer to Eurotox program

Participants in the training will be encouraged to use their own laptops and follow the instructions shown on the main screen which are also provided in the training Tutorial. It is recommended to download effectopediaT.jar  and  examples prior to the training.


Presentations shown during the training session are listed below:

Training Introduction – Anne  Gourmelon
(1)  AOP Best Practices – Dan Villeneuve
(2-4) Installation, searching and creating AOPs in Effectopedia – Magda Sachana
(5-7) Qauntitative AOPs representation in Effectopedia – Hristo Aladjov

You can also download zipped archive of all presentations.